Energy relevant and ecological monitoring studies of demonstration buildings, which were built in the framework of the program "Haus der Zukunft".

Energy relevant and ecological monitoring studies of demonstration buildings, which were built in the framework of the program "Haus der Zukunft". The user acceptance should also be levied and displayed

Titel und Synopse

Energietechnische, baubiologische und nutzerspezifische Begleituntersuchung zu innovativen Baukonzepten, der im Rahmen HAUS DER ZUKUNFT umgesetzten Projekte.

Energietechnische und baubiologische Begleituntersuchung von Demonstrationsgebäuden, die im Rahmen der Programmlinie "Haus der Zukunft" errichtet bzw. saniert werden, wobei auf die Befragung der NutzerInnen in besonderer Weise eingegangen wird.

Project description / tasks




The contents of this project are energy relevant and ecological monitoring studies on evaluating building projects, which were built in the framework of the program "Haus der Zukunft" (translated "Building of tomorrow").

The user acceptance should also be levied and displayed, beside the energetically and ecologically monitoring aspects.

It is intended to reach a higher level of quality already in the planning phase. This will be reached by planning-assistance on energy and system related questions and ecological problems as well as an increased integration of the user at an early stage.

In the framework of an extended initial operation, the monitoring parameters will be optimised so that they correspond the planned operation of the system.

Ventilation behaviour, indoor temperature, personal interaction with internal loads and passive solar energy gain influence the behaviour of low energy buildings. The energy relevant analysis should therefore, together with the social studies on the user behaviour, lead to a statement on the suitability of an every day use.

The evaluation contains energy balances of the entire building, of the single apartments with special focus on the heating demand for space heating, the domestic hot water demand and on the electricity consumption for households and equipment. Further are the comfort parameters indoor temperature and humidity taken under consideration for the climate on the actual site, which is measured through the outdoor temperature and the solar radiation.

An additional work package should estimate the ecological building quality through the choice of material and the measures during the erection and the following utilisation of the building. With the aid of the "TQ-planning and evaluation" tool, should all the buildings receive an "ecological identification" and with this be compared.

An essential goal of this project is that besides the analysis of the buildings, which are built the framework of the program "Haus der Zukunft", should the buildings be compared to buildings with similar construction and utilisation.

A main group of comparison are the passive house buildings from the EU-project "CEPHEUS", which were also monitored in the framework of the program "Haus der Zukunft". The objects from the CEPHEUS project are a nursery in Ziersdorf, the EBS-Haus1 in the solar city Linz, a clay passiv office building in Tattendorf, the passive house in the residential building complex Utendorfgasse, the passive office building ChristophorusHaus from Miva in Stadlpaura and the S-house in Böheimkirchen.

Finally this evaluation should contribute to that buildings, which function in an ecological and energy-saving way are proved on an established base which therefore leads to a fast and broad market penetration.

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